Our Mission

We are defining
the future of cannabis.

We are on a mission to unlock social and economic utility of cannabis by developing and manufacturing the highest quality cannabis products in the world.


We are Swell Companies

We believe cannabis is a force for good. This means a balanced interrelation of people, planet, and profit. Every challenge we undertake, and each success we earn, is evaluated in this context.

We have demonstrated a commitment to quality, consistent innovation, and execution at scale with some of Oregon’s most recognized cannabis products.

Loud Lab

Dab Society Premium Cannabis Extracts

We work with some of Oregon’s most notable cannabis farmers and are dedicated to responsible sourcing practices. We ensure that each strain’s unique aromatics and cannabinoid expressions become the embodiment of each Dab Society extract product made.

  • Dabbable Extracts
  • Distillate Vapor Cartridges
Dab Society Crown Collection
Hood Oil

Hood Oil Cannabis Extracts

Hood Oil is one of Oregon’s most popular value oriented cannabis extract. No corners are cut in the products sourcing and manufacturing as it goes through the same meticulous handling and process as Dab Society Extracts. This is an ideal introductory hash oil at an affordable price.

  • Dabbable Extracts
  • BHO Vapor Cartridges


We are currently developing Swell’s signature brand of products to include strain-specific vapor pens, CBD capsules, and CBD tinctures formulated from full-spectrum, whole plant cannabis extract.

  • Co2 Vapor Cartridge
  • Distillate Vapor Cartridge
  • Tinctures
  • Capsules
Swell Tincture
Loud Lab

Loud Lab Processing & Product Manufacturing

Loud Lab is one of Oregon’s most productive cannabis processing facilities. Our operation currently manufactures raw oil under the in-house brands of Dab Society Extracts and Hood Oil while also providing material support for a group of best-in-class partner brands

  • Raw Hydrocarbon Extract
  • Raw co2 Extract
  • Raw Distillate
  • Terpene Extraction
  • Fee Processing
  • Special Formulations

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